Workshops, Presentations, and Speakers

Writing Workshops

We offer a wide range of writing workshops to help you write your family stories.

Workshops (2 hrs) include:

* Writing About Your Photographs

* Writing About Your Recipes

* Writing Your Holiday Letters

* Saving the Stories that Go With Family Memorabilia

* Writing about Family Travel 


If you are interested in hosting a workshop or retreat for your group, please contact us.

For example, in the Southeast U.S. our fee for a 2 hour workshop for a small group (6 or fewer) is $200 plus travel expenses. 


Presentations and Speakers

We also have a number of presentations ready, and we will design custom presentations at your request.


Topics include:

* Story Power: How You Tell Your Family Story Matters 

* Storytelling and Family History Trips

* Family Storytelling is a Superpower

Dr. Laura Roselle, Dr. Darlene O'Dell, Kim Winslow, and Savannah Tuttle are available as speakers.