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Writing prompts that

help you find your voice.

 The first prompt from Dr. Dar's Freewriting Prompts book:


"I’ve been thinking recently about a closet my parents once shared in a quirky, old house we lived in when I was a girl. It was a smallish walk-in closet lined with cedar. Besides their clothes, my parents kept what, to me, were interesting little thingies in that closet. In the corner behind a pile of shoes, my dad stored one of those shoe-shining machines with fluffy black and red buffers, which I saw him use only once. On a beaten-up dresser pushed against the closet wall, he kept a collection of cuff links that he wore on Sundays.

Deep in the closet, my mother had abandoned a last-second gift my father had given her one year: a plastic cigarette-tossing device he had bought just before the local drug store closed for Christmas Eve. According to the directions, you were to empty your pack into the machine and then push a button that would send a cigarette flying into the air, at which point you were meant to catch it. That gift did not go over well at all. Not at all. Though, in the spirit of full disclosure, I couldn’t understand at the time why she didn’t think that was the coolest gift ever.

When the world was, as the poet Wordsworth once wrote, “too much with” me, I would take a flashlight into this closet and shut the door behind me. Sometimes I would read, sometimes I would do homework, sometimes I would dream about what life as an adult would be like (not certain how the cigarette-tosser influenced the dream).

The prompt: Tell us about a place you would escape to when you were a child. You might consider what this place looked like or smelled like or felt like. What purpose did it serve? Did dragons like Puff live there? What lived in your imagination as a child? Have you brought that place with you into adulthood?"


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