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About Laura:

Hi, I'm Laura. My expertise is in strategic narratives. This means I have spent most of my life studying how to tell stories and the power that comes with HOW you tell your stories. 

For years I would start meetings with students with the phrase, "What's your story?"  And so we would begin to get to know each other.


I have always loved hearing stories. I am passionate and eager to help you understand what makes stories a force for good in the world. I want you to claim your story power.

As a university professor with a PhD from Stanford, and scholar for 25 years, I've studied narratives. I've co-authored books on strategic narratives and have published books for university students on research and writing. I love teaching and research, and have won teaching, writing, and research awards. Elon University has even named a mentoring award after me. 


Having spent years studying narratives in the political world from the top-down, I am now researching more "bottom-up stories" like family narratives and the stories we tell as communities.

This research interest ties into 15 years of family history work, and the co-founding (2018) of the Family Narrative Project, LLC (FNP) which helps people examine, save, and share their stories.


I love to travel and have conducted family history research in the U.S., and to Scotland, Ireland, Italy, and the Czech Republic. My blog posts at the Family Narrative Project cover how to tell family stories and what social science tells us about story structure and effects.  

I'm excited to help you tell your stories in a way that empowers you, heals you, and roots you in the connectedness of your community. The way we tell our stories has incredible power. 

Enhance your story power!