Tell Your Story

Russell Baker, author of Growing Up, once said,

“The biographer’s problem is that he never knows enough. The autobiographer’s problem is that he knows too much.”

At FNP, we help writers to organize and conceptualize their projects, and we provide support as their projects take shape and come to life.

Family Stories

Whether you are writing an article, a blog, a book, or a poetry collection, we help you find the story within the research and give you the tools to see the project to completion. We also conduct interviews for those who prefer to tell their story in that format.

Family Wedding Stories

The perfect gift for the newlyweds might be family love stories of the past.

Baby Books

We can help you celebrate the birth or adoption of a child with family stories of how new family members have joined the family in the past.

A Life Revisited

We come to you to collect and compile the stories that you or your loved one will leave behind.