Family Narrative Project Retreat

Our FNP team!

We look forward to our Family Narrative Project annual retreat all year. It’s a 3 day extravaganza of reviewing our successes, planning for the future, laughing, sharing new ideas, setting goals and action steps, and did we mention laughing!

We are a young company and we live in different places. Kim lives in Columbia, SC, Dar lives in Asheville, Laura lives in Gibsonville, NC, and Savannah lives in San Antonio, TX. We have virtual staff meetings every week, but there is nothing like all of us getting together in person and we cherish this time.

We wanted to give you a look inside our retreat!

We had a beautiful setting for our retreat: Hilton Head Island, SC.

First we reviewed our successes. The past year was a year of content generation. We developed two online courses, published 2 writing prompt books with 3 to be done in the next 2 months. We’ve written blog posts that cover freewriting, telling stories using genealogical information, keeping stories with family photographs and memorabilia, and organizing family treasures. We’ve run multiple workshops and increased the number of speaking engagements we are doing.

In the next year we plan to reach more people who want to preserve and tell their family stories. We are really committed to helping people unlock their stories, unlock their writing abilities, and unlock the meaning in their stories.

Planning with sticky notes!

If you’ve been thinking about doing our Recipe Storybook online course, you’ll have the perfect opportunity during our October launch! Stay tuned for more details.

Finally, we have two new projects planned for next year, one for students, parents and teachers and the other for people who want to know more about the science behind how stories can build compassion and caring!

How’s that for big plans!

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We love the people we meet through the Family Narrative Project. You and your stories matter!

A rainbow to send us on our way for a new year of helping people save family stories.

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