Less Stuff, More Stories

Online Course

Save Your Family Objects and Stories


Imagine your family photographs, documents, and other treasures 

organized and protected.

Imagine the stories that go with your family treasures

written and shared

How would you feel?






We can help you get there.

Feedback on the course

"What delightful and helpful presentations from Laura and Kim at The Family Narrative Project on how to organize and save important photos, stories, and mementos. They provide clear and engaging instructions to guide folks through this process so that we can save and enjoy things that are important, and have them to pass on to future generations. These instructions allow flexibility in timing of going through this process, with helpful hints and directions, as well as encouragement, to get this job accomplished. I highly recommend their program."

Mary – Cary, NC



"Less Stuff and More Stories was the gentle nudge I needed.  The course was filled with valuable suggestions to organize and  preserve photographs and memorabilia and write about family. I knew starting the course that I did not have any objects of significant financial value to preserve, but that I had a wealth of memories that I did not want to get lost. Kim and Laura helped me find a way to preserve and leave my family the invaluable gift of my history and stories."

Kathryn – Asheville, NC

"I have enjoyed the course. The real takeaway for me was that the endpoint of having everything organized is not the most important thing.  Living my life which celebrates memories and  time together it the most important. I hope by writing stories and histories they will value their heritage as well as the things that are passed down. Thanks for the opportunity to take the course."

Lucia - Utah

Preserving your stories and recipes is a priceless gift that you can give to others, including those generations to come. Hiring an organizer can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. A writing coach or editor can cost about the same. 

Through this course Kim and Laura become your organizing and writing coaches.


You CAN do this.

We will motivate you with stories and support.

You can write wonderful stories.

We have taught all levels of writers, so don't worry if you haven't written much before.

You can break it down to fit your schedule.

You complete the course lessons at your own pace.

You will always have access to the lessons. 

Our course cost:

  • $279  

* Guarantee:

We know how important your stories are,  and we are incredibly proud of our course, but if, for any reason, this course does not work for you, we will refund the full cost.

Course Outline

This 7-lesson online course walks you through the whole process with one framework.

Organize, Preserve, Tell Your Story

We show you how to go step-by-step through the family treasures that may be gathering dust or tucked away:

1. Objects and Heirlooms

2. Documents

3. Photographs

We deal with questions like:

How do I know what to keep and what to get rid of?

How do I organize my photos and documents properly?

What if no one wants my things?

We also give you a guide to writing about your family treasures. And our philosophy is that stories do not have to be long. You can capture important events and highlight important people in many different ways. 


We deal with questions like:

What should I write about?

How do I start?

What if I don't have very much time to write? 


Kim Winslow

Kim is a co-founder of the Family Narrative Project, LLC. She has 15 years of business experience working for fortune 100 companies and 18 years in the classroom. Kim has a B.S. in Financial Management from Clemson University and a M.Ed. in Divergent Learning from Columbia College. She has tackled her own scary closet of family photographs and has helped others as well. Kim writes about and conducts workshops on sharing your family stories.

Laura is co-founder of the Family Narrative Project, LLC. She has worked as an Elon University professor for over 25 years, studying the power of stories and winning teaching and mentoring awards. Laura has organized her family's vast collection of family history documents and photographs, and she has worked with clients to organize their family items. She writes about and conducts workshops on sharing your family stories. 

Dr. Laura Roselle

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