The Recipe Storybook

Online Course 

Saving Memories and Savoring Recipes

Food and stories go together.

Recipes are a treasure.

They allow you to recreate foods that have meaning for you and your family.


You don't want to lose these recipes.

You want to share them with family and friends so that

family traditions can be continued and great food shared.

But there is more to your favorite recipes than the ingredients and directions.

There is always a story!

Where did the recipe come from? Are there funny stories that go with it?

Who does it remind you of?


Stories can carry love, meaning, and joy,

and you don't want to lose the stories that go with your precious recipes.


That’s why we want to help you bring together your recipes AND stories to create a

Recipe Storybook.


This enjoyable 4-lesson online course walks you through the whole process:

  • Choosing your recipes and thinking about where they came from and why they are important

  • Reclaiming important memories and  choosing photos to include

  • Responding to incredible writing prompts that draw out the deep meaning of food and family

  • Designing a Recipe Storybook to share with family and friends

What People Say

"When I subscribed to this class I contacted my family for recipe/food ideas... it opened so many warm and funny conversations... the process that the class guided me through was a way to reconnect around cherished memories... the writing prompts brought back many stories that had been forgotten ... and they made access to putting it all in a book easy and affordable… I highly recommend this class."  

-Jeanie, Brevard, NC

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Preserving your stories and recipes is a priceless gift that you can give to others, including generations to come. Individual writing coaching and editing to create such a book could cost $1000.00 or more. 

Our carefully designed 4-lesson online course will guide you through how to write your unique Recipe Storybook - even if you haven't written much before. And we are responsive to questions that might come up via email. You can even do the course with a family member or give it as a gift - just let us know what will work for you.


  • $200 

We know how important your stories are and we are incredibly proud of our course, but if, for any reason this course does not work for you, we will refund the full cost.

This course includes:

Four lessons that walk you through the creation of your book. (You view the content according to your schedule and keep access forever.)

Videos that provide encouragement and guidance on how to tell your stories. 

A workbook that helps you plan and organize your thoughts, recipes and interviews. 

A copy of Dr. Darlene O'Dell's book: Freewriting Prompts: The Food Edition.


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Savannah Tuttle

Savannah Tuttle wrote our course workbook on how to preserve your recipes because she recognized the importance of saving family history and stories with the recipes she cherishes. She has been a teacher and enjoys helping people tell their own stories.  She also loves cooking, eating, and sharing stories around the table with friends and family. 

Laura Roselle

Laura Roselle, Ph.D. has been interested in storytelling since she was a young girl sitting around the table at her grandparents' weekly spaghetti and meatballs dinner. She is an acclaimed professor with 25 years of experience studying narratives. She is a dynamic and accessible instructor, and has won teaching awards for her ability to engage students. 

Save Family Recipes and Stories

We will help you choose your most important family recipes AND the stories and photos that go with them. Our process - with worksheets - makes this easy and fun!

Add Special Memories 

We will give you writing support, including writing prompts by critically-acclaimed author and founder of
Freewrite Fridays, Dr. Darlene O’Dell. These prompts go beyond simply presenting a topic for writing;
they will inspire you to write, will engage your talents in profound ways, and will make the writing process feel less overwhelming. . .

and even a little less lonely.

Design Your

Recipe Storybook

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We will walk you through the steps to publish your Recipe Storybook. We've created beautiful templates on, which we love, that are specially designed for our course and your recipes and stories. Mixbook allows you to create unique photo books and other photo goods.

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