Why Share Your Stories?

Capturing the stories of your family or community is powerful for so many reasons. 


When you take time to tell your stories you...

  • Preserve stories 

  • Reclaim or rediscover stories

  • Find power in the stories of people who came before you

  • Have a greater understanding of who you are and where you have come from

  • Bond with family around shared stories

  • Create a greater sense of connection

  • Bring fun and joy to your life

  • Bring a richness of experience to your life

"When you’re thinking about how you will capture and chronicle your family’s memories I’d recommend you place your trust in a person and a group who values storytelling and has a keen appreciation of history. There is no truer illustration of these traits than Laura Roselle."

-Don, Washington DC

Who We Are

We started this business because we recognize the importance of family and community stories AND we are teachers who have spent a lot of time writing and teaching writing. In fact, together we have more than 75 years of teaching experience.

Community Stories

We help communities and organizations 

collect, write, and archive their stories.

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